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1.     Aruba Hi-Winds 2005 | Windsurfing and Kiteboarding [Detail]
From June 29 till July 5, Aruba will host the 19th annual Hi-Winds windsurfing and kiteboarding tournament. The Aruba Hi-Winds is renowned for having an extensive high wind racing and exhilarating entertainment and social program for its competitors and friends. Please visit our website for details.
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2.     Aruba Windsurfing [Detail]
Aruba boasts plenty of top notch gear. We just happen to offer ours on the absolute choicest site and cleanest wind of Aruba's Fisherman's Huts. This is the home of Aruba Boardsailing Productions, where the best names in professional windsurfing launch during Aruba Hi-Winds Pro Am. It's also the Hut's best spot for beginners seeking shallow waters for learning or improving technique. Which all adds up to very Happy Surfers on
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3.     Aruba Windsurfing- Sailboard Vacations [Detail]
We've helped thousands of travelers enjoy there windsurfing vacations by providing lodging and equipment at the Caribbean sailing destinations. Let us take care of the hassles while you walk out your front door into some of the finest windsurfing in the world.
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