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1.     Aruba Nightlife, dancing,disco,bars and cafe [Detail]
A great deal of the nightlife on Aruba takes place in the hotels and resorts, and that often takes the form of folklore performances and even the questionable limb-dancing and fire-eating performances that passed off as island customs
Category : Entertainment

ARUBA Entertainment Bars

1.     The Pega Pega Grill & Bar [Detail]
The Pega Pega, named after a friendly reptile indigenous to Aruba, is a congenial beachside bar and grill serving up light and delicious fare throughout the day, topped off with a fun-tastic happy hour.
Category : Entertainment Bars

2.     Garufa Cigar & Cocktail Lounge [Detail]
Located in the charming Wilhelminastraat, just across from El Gaucho Restaurant, Garufa Cigar & Cocktail Lounge opened its doors in December of 1998.The exterior, with its well lit façade, looks inviting, especially when accompanied by the soft tunes played by live artists inside the lounge.
Category : Entertainment Bars

ARUBA Entertainment Night Clubs

1.     It's all hapnin' at Mambo Jambo [Detail]
Come over and get a taste of "Mambo Feeling" your self. Mambo Jambo is a local hang -out as well as a "hot experience" for the tourists....
Category : Entertainment Night Clubs

2.     Wild Side Adventures International Aruba [Detail]
The portal to adventure. From nightclubs to outdoor adventures, we have something for everyone.
Category : Entertainment Night Clubs

ARUBA Entertainment Restaurants

1.     The French Steakhouse at Best Western Manchebo Beach Resort [Detail]
French Steakhouse home of the Churrasco. Receive a free bottle of wine per couple when you order our ambassador five course dinner.
Category : Entertainment Restaurants

2.     Aruba - Le Dôme Restaurant [Detail]
Le Dôme restaurant is an enchanting Belgian/French restaurant which is renowned not only for its fine cuisine but also for its distinctive and elegant style. Today it is regarded as Aruba’s top restaurant and is also rated number one by the prestigious Freedman group for the year 2000-2001.
Category : Entertainment Restaurants

3.     Restaurants Guide Aruba [Detail]
Complete list of all restaurants on Aruba
Category : Entertainment Restaurants

4.     The Paddock [Detail]
Dutch restaurant
Category : Entertainment Restaurants


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